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Do you dream of the day when you can wake up to tangibly fuller and more defined lips? The beauty world is always evolving and changing. Nowadays, you can't scroll down your Instagram feed without confronting the fact that full natural lips are in. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get where you want to go with your lips short of opting for injections or fillers. Fortunately, there is a solution to all of your beauty needs and it comes from Beaute Artistry. Today, we are going to introduce you to lip blushing before offering you the chance to learn the routine yourself!

Lip blushing is as exciting a beauty technique as you are going to find. This natural and semi-permanent cosmetic treatment allows you to enjoy visibly fuller lips with up to 30% more volume than you had before -- all without injections or fillers! More than just safer for you, lip blushing is an incredibly effective and visually stunning way to get the look that you've always dreamed of. With a variety of pigment options, a quick and easy healing process, and optional lip blush training available, Beauté Artistry is ready to change your beauty routine forever!

The actual process of lip blushing is similar to tattooing, though not permanent. You can expect your lip blushing treatment to last up to two or three years! With that being said, results can vary based on the individual so it is always better to see how you react to the treatment. Though you will experience moderate swelling and redness for the first week following your procedure, a Ziploc bag of water and ice can help to get you back to normal.


If you want to learn the art of lip blushing, contact Beauté Artistry today to inquire about their private lip blush training!

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